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Эвакуатор от 5 до 40 тонн в Минске, Беларуси

A vehicle towing process in Belarus has been running smoothly for ten years already. The companies engaged in towing service and technical assistance to freight vehicles up to 3.5 tons have an extensive presence throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus: in the capital, major regional cities, regional centers and even on the routes. You can call a tow truck in Belarus being anywhere in the country. However, when it comes to towing large-size freight vehicles over 5 tons, the circle of search is getting significantly smaller.

Freight vehicle towing is no simple task! At present, there are not many specialists able to pull a 40-ton van out of a ditch. Gruzevak.by offers You all the service providers working with such equipment on the territory of Belarus. These are highly skilled professionals able to render any help in lifting a vehicle out of a ditch and roadside assistance to freight transport.

A freight tow truck will help You with transportation and repair of practically any machinery from a small lorry to a 40-ton trailer train! Our website offers You only the most skilled professionals who will help You with towing in Minsk as well as anywhere in Belarus. When choosing a service provider, it is necessary to pay attention to the services that are as close to the place of call as possible. It will save Your time and money significantly. To find the right tow truck, You need to choose its weight category on the main page of our website. In each category You will find an illustrative table with the information on the carrier and contact phone number. On the page of each towing service provider You will see the detailed information on the company and provided services, as well as the photos of the available equipment.

To make the search faster, You may use our “smart” card that will not only show the location of the tow truck on the territory of Belarus, but will also determine your location so that You can see which one is the closest to You. This will significantly reduce the time of arrival and freight vehicle towing will be carried within the shortest time possible.

Administration of Gruzevak.by wishes good luck to all auto enthusiasts and professional drivers on the roads of Belarus!