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MAN 8150

12.04.2016, 23:54
Что на дороге самое опасное?...

When ordering, say, taking the load on the evacuator and you will be given a discount of 5%!
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Могилёв, Октябрьский район, пр. Димитрова, 19Б/1

GPS Coordinates

N 53°896490
E 30°474403

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Цены, указанные на странице, являются ориентировочными, фактическая стоимость определяется с учетом конкретной ситуации.

Thank you for choosing SPASServis. We work for you. The two main qualities of our work are professionalism and promptness. Over the years of practice and development, we have created a whole range of services available to you:

  • Contact and non-contact washing
  • Full repair and rim repair 
  • 3D alignment
  • Rapid oil and filter change
  • Change of oil in automatic transmission
  • Suspension diagnosis using a backlash tester
  • Maintenance and repair of air conditioners
  • Headlamp check
  • Various forms of transport removal
  • Full complex of car service and maintenance 

Payment in cash or by wire transfer is available at the option of the customer. There is a terminal for plastic cards. Experienced high-qualified employees will perform any work for each customer quickly and to the highest standard.

A separate warranty is provided for each service. It is possible to make an appointment. All works are accompanied by appropriate, duly executed documentation. For the time of our work we have received many favorable reviews and thanks. We are looking forward to seeing you!


12.04.2016, 23:54
Что на дороге самое опасное?...

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